Saturday, September 20, 2008

Texas Rangers VS Detroit Tigers

Wade, Shelli, Derrick & I went to the Rangers game last Tuesday. I fulfilled a lifelong dream: I ate a hot dog and drank a beer at a professional baseball game. WOOOWHOOO!!! Here are the highlights:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Becky goes shopping

ok... so every year we take Becky shopping for clothes for her birthday. Usually we do it before school starts so that she has fun, new clothes for the beginning of the new school year. But this year it just didn't work out. SOOO... Mom gave her $100 for her birthday that she could spend however she wanted. She was given the choice of going shopping with whoever she wanted to or turning it in for "Mimi Bucks" and going shopping with Mimi & Aunt Sam. Well... she is a smart girl so she traded it in for a shopping trip with Mimi & Aunt Sam. I am so glad she did because we had so much fun. She came home with a haul! It was like everything was on sale, looked cute on her and FIT! It was awesome! Here is her with my favorite shirt we got.

A random memory: When I was little we would go to Georgia every summer to visit Aunt Becky & Uncle Tom. Aunt Becky would always take me school clothes shopping. We would pick things out and try everything on. After we found several outfits we would check out. Sometimes we would go to several stores, sometimes we would only go to Macy's. One outfit I remember very vividly is the outfit I like to refer to as the "Clinique Counter Outfit". It was shorts with a matching vest with a purple shirt to go underneath. The purple shirt was some fancy fabric. I also got these really awesome colored leather loafers. They are really hard to explain but I can see them in my head. I wonder if we have pictures of that outfit somewhere. anyways... After we went shopping we would go back to Aunt Becky & Uncle Tom's house and I would put on a fashion show for Uncle Tom. I don't think he really cared what I got but I remember it being to important to do that fashion show and it was so much fun. He would say all the right things and I would always feel so beautiful. I would get ready in the guest room and everyone would be in the living room. I would come in and parade around. Mom & Aunt Becky would talk about my outfit and as always Uncle Tom would say just the right thing. It is a very random memory but a very vivid one none the less. I look back at those times and I hope that I am the kinda aunt to Becky as Aunt Becky was to me. I have always tried to be an Aunt Becky kind of aunt. I wonder if Aunt Becky felt so complete after a shopping trip with me as I do tonight after shopping with Becky. I hope I showed enough appreciation. I look back to those shopping trips as some of the happiest memories. Well, actually not the shopping trips themselves but the fashion shows when we got back to the house. well... I could probably ramble all night about Aunt Becky but I should probably be getting to bed... Good Night everyone... sweet dreams... Aunt Becky - if you can blog in heaven... I miss you! I love you and the pearls were perfect!

Becky's 14th Birthday Party

There is nothing better to complete a birthday party than a craft. Becky had planned to have a slumber party but because of Hurricane Ike only one of her friends was able to spend the night. I had made enough kits for 6 little girls. It all worked out though because Aunt DeDe and Ashley got to use some of the extra kits. We made a picture frame and a ribbon bookmark.
the ribbon bookmark
close up of the flower at the end of the ribbon bookmark
the picture frame
(there is ribbon, a rub-on and a button on the top of the glass)
the girls are crafting
(l-r: Aunt DeDe, Alexis, Ashley, Aunt Sam & Becky)
Mimi & Becky
Aunt Sam & Becky with her finished frame
Ashley & Aunt Sam with her finished frame
(she was SO proud to get to do the project with the big girls)
This is the picture that was taken for Ashley to put in her frame. Becky & Alexis had taken a BFF picture together for their frames and Ash wanted a picture with all of us for hers.
I LOVE birthday party arts & crafts!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Little Little Johnny

This past weekend Mom & I went to Burnet, TX to meet the newest member of our family. Little Little Johnny was born on August 26. Here are some photo highlights.
Little Little Johnny
Little Johnny (my cousin) & Little Little Johnny

This is my absolute favorite picture from the trip. Little Little Johnny gives the best snuggles!
The proud big sisters, Aiden & Avery. They were riding in the backseat of my car. Avery was reading a book about a dog going to school all every so ofter Aiden would say "woof, woof" SO CUTE!