Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 day until my 30th Birthday

I have had ONE life-long best friend - Duck
Amber & I met the summer before first grade. Her mom brought us a pie to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved into the green & white trailer house on 4th street in Chandler. I was riding my bike a few days later and she was riding her bike too. We have been best friends ever since. I moved from Chandler during 3rd grade but we remained friends. We never had a class together or went to the same school after 3rd grade. We both had other friends but she has always been my very best friend. She was nick-named Amber Duck by my Daddy. He said she looked like a duck when she was riding her bike. I usually call her Duck. When we were younger we would ride our bikes, play in our tree, play monopoly, have sleep overs, walk the wall and watch movies. I have so many wonderful memories of Duck. Whenever I think of her I smile. She left for Jackson Hole, Wyoming on May 5 for a 6 month summer job at a dude ranch. During those first 6 months she met Gerardo and fell in love. She and Gerardo are now married, have a beautiful son and live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I miss her everyday but I know she is so very happy there. She came to Texas to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Her birthday is the 27th. We have celebrated so many birthdays together. It is awesome that we get to celebrate #30 together even though she lives so far away. Here are some fun pictures:

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 days until my 30th Birthday

ok, so I have way too many twos to pick just one. So I am going to list them all!
I have TWO Aunts: Aunt Becky & Aunt Fish
I have TWO grandmothers: Nani & Mamaw
I have TWO dads: Daddy & George
I have graduated from TWO colleges: TJC & A&M-Commerce
I have been engaged TWO times: Wade & Tim
I eat lunch with TWO of my favorite people almost everyday: Becca & GG
I hug at least TWO people everyday.
TWO people and one dog sleep in my bed every night.
I buy TWO Diet Cokes with Cherry: 1 for me, 1 for Mom
I have TWO hearts. The one that everyone has and a heart shaped birthmark on my right leg
I have TWO God-parents: Aunt Pat & Uncle Jessie
I have TWO uncles: Uncle Tom & Uncle Johnny
I used to carry TWO iPods in my purse.

Monday, February 23, 2009

3 days until my 30th Birthday

I have owned three cars.
1. The Sam-I-Am: 1988 Buick Regal - white two-door with camel interior (my very first car. I got it the day before my 16th birthday. The back window said "Sam-I-Am" and the driver's side door had my name in gold paint. It was in the carport with a big red bow at my 16th birthday party. Right before Mom & George gave it to me, George told me that they could replace the back window and that they did the best they could. Needless to say they didn't have to replace the back window and I totally LOVED my car!)
2. Dookie Brown: 1988 98 Olds Oldsmobile - brown four-door with brown interior (except for the driver's seat - it was maroon and you had to have spare towels when it rained. I hated this car but it really helped when Sam-I-Am died and I didn't have anything else to drive. It was my Aunt Fish's. Daddy gave it to me and it drove me back and forth to Commerce more times than I can count.)
3. Maggie: 2004 Toyota Matrix - phantom grey four-door with dark grey interior (my very first brand new car - I was so proud when I got to buy this car. The following picture was taken the night I got my car. Brookshire's is in the background because my job at Brookshire's helped me to buy my beautiful new car. This is the car I still drive and I still LOVE it!!!)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 days until my 30th Birthday

I have lived in four towns!
1. Marshall, Texas (this is the town I was born in)
2. Tyler, Texas (this is what I consider my home town)
3. Chandler, Texas (where I met Amber!)
4. Commerce, Texas (this is where I lived when I was in college)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 days until my 30th Birthday

I have been caught by the police FIVE times! (in no particular order)
1. Failure to control speed - I rear-ended a lady at the red light at Paluxy & the Loop
2. Speeding in a school zone - 23 in a 20 - went to Teen Court and got 15 hours of Community Service at Discovery Science Place
3. No seat belt - on the way hospital from a test on my esophagus
4. No seat belt - on the way to pick up Mom's paycheck when she was at Disney Land
5. Criminal Mischief - painting the dam - got 36 hours of Community Service at the band hall - how I became Spray Paint Sam & SpryPntSam

Friday, February 20, 2009

6 days until my 30th Birthday

I have had six dogs!
1. Rascal (Black Lab)
2. BB (Black Lab) Birthday Boy - My faithful firefly.
3. Baby (Black Lab) Sam's Big Baby
4. Sambo (Black Lab)- Samboni Macaroni - Courtney’s Science Fair Project
5. Stone (Yellow Lab) - Stone Cold Milk Dud
6. Absolut (Min-Pin Cross) - Absolut Dog

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Community Connections

Tonight was the Fun Lover's Dance with the ARC of Smith County.
I volunteered as part of our Community Connections program.
Tonight was pure fun! We danced and mingled!
It was nice to do something for someone and expecting nothing in return. :)

7 days until my 30th Birthday

I have 7 nieces & nephews! (from oldest to youngest)
1. Becky (daughter of Charley & Kathy)
2. Wesley (son of Garrick & Glenda)
3. Ashley (daughter of Charley & Kathy)
4. Davy (son of Debbie & David)
5. James (son of Charley & Kathy)
6. Kyla (daugher of Garrick & Angie)
7. Brianna (daughter of Garrick & Angie)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back in the day...

when I was young...
I'm not a kid anymore...
there's some days when I wish I was a kid again...

8 days until my 30th Birthday

I have 8 brothers & sisters!
1. Charley - half brother (same mom)
2. Debbie - half sister (same mom)
3. Janie - half sister (same dad)
4. John Michael - half brother (same dad)
5. Garrick - step brother (George's son)
6. Lisa - step sister (George's daughter)
7. Kathy - sister-in-law (Charley's wife)
8. David - brother-in-lay (Debbie's husband)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

9 days until my 30th Birthday

I have been in 9 weddings!
1. Charley & Kathy - June 1990
2. Mom & George - March 1991
3. Debbie & David - November 1997
4. Jessica & Chris - June 2002
5. Amber & Gerardo - October 2003
6. Michelle & Clayton - February 2006
7. Sam & Wade - October 2007
8. house party for Tracy
9. house party for Ashley

Here are some highlights:

Monday, February 16, 2009

10 days until my 30th Birthday

I have been thinking all day about what I should post today. The rest of the days are already planned but I don't have a topic for today.
So... what should I do?
10 things I thought about writing about today (in no particular order)
1. 10 people that have changed my life
1. Mom
2. Wade
3. Becca
4. GG
5. Amber
6. April
7. Shelli
8. Arlynne
9. George
10. Tim

2. 10 things you probably don't know about me
1. I bite my lip when I am nervous
2. I scratch my head too much
3. I bungee jumped in 1997
4. I used to be licensed to carry a concealed hand gun
5. I don't have any credit card debt
6. I want to be smarter in Math, English & History
7. I don't go to church but I believe in God.
8. I am NOT a morning person
9. I am organized at work but messy at home.
10. I hate fixing sheets on the bed.

3. 10 favorite animals (Wade's idea)
1. dog
2. hamster (I really want one and I want to name it Skittles)
3. turtle (I wanted to save one on Friday but I was afraid it would bite me)
4. leopard
5. lion
6. frog
7. hermit crab
8. clown fish
9. cow
10. horse

4. 10 favorite candies (Wade's idea)
1. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
2. Reeses Big Cup
3. Reeses Nutrageous
4. Reeses Pieces
5. Reeses Fast Break
6. Butterfinger
7. Skittles
8. Snickers
9. Big Kat
10. Milk Duds

5. 10 go to sleep movies (Wade's idea)
Pick 10 movies from my post about movies I could watch over and over

6. 10 things I worry about
I don't think I could narrow it down to ten. I am a worrier. GG told me today that worrying is a sin. So I really need to work on not being such a worry wart. Mom says I am worrying about silly stuff and everything will be fine.

7. 10 reasons for Wade not to tickle me
one reason is enough - I DON'T LIKE TO BE TICKLED

8. the last 10 calls on my cell phone
1. Daddy
2. Duck
3. Mom
4. Becca
5. GG
6. Wade
7. BGC
8. Charley
9. Christy D.
10. April R.

9. the last 10 texts on my cell phone
1. tweet from iMatt
2. tweet* from iMatt
3. tweet* from iMatt
4. tweet* from iMatt
5. tweet* from iMatt
6. Christa
7. tweet* from andyburnfield
8. Wade
9. Mom
10. Mom
*if you are not on Twitter - you probably should be :)

10. 10 things I really want
1. iPod Touch
2. new case for my cell phone
3. hamster
4. a promotion at work
5. be better about putting pictures on scrapbook pages
6. new windshield wipers (installed)
7. a pedicure
8. to go on another scrapbook retreat with mom
9. iTunes $
10. a new pillow (that doesn't get squishy - I want one like Mom's that always stays the right shape)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

11 days until my 30th Birthday

11... I just got out of the shower. I am sitting on my bed at the retreat center and I have no idea what to post. I think I am going to tell you 11 things I have done at this retreat as of right now...
1. had a massage - it was my first massage and it was really nice. I was so relaxed, I just wanted to go take a nap. I didn't though. The last time I was here I spent the whole time sleeping. I am trying to have a normal sleeping pattern this time.
2. put pictures on a page titled "Rangers '08" - it has pictures from when Wade, Shelli, Derrick & I went to a Rangers game.
3. had Belgium waffles for breakfast
4. made an explosion box - it is full of pictures that make me smile. I didn't have all of the pictures that I wanted to put in it so I made a list of the other people I was thinking about when I made it.
5. added "followers" to my blog
6. posted to my blog
7. helped Mom use sketches and Simply Scrappin' kits to make pages.
8. put pictures on a page called "Berry Fun" - it has pictures of when we picked berries by our house with the kids
9. put pictures on a page titled "Trip to Regionals" - pictures for the trip to SU! Regional Seminar in Oklahoma City
10. put pictures on a page called "SU! Regionals 2007" - more pictures for the trip mentioned in #9
11. missed Wade - it wasn't because of Valentine's Day but because I don't have cell signal out here and I can't text him whenever I want to and I can't get texts from him. It is very frustrating. I have talked to him a couple of times but I still miss him.

I think I am finally tired enough to go to sleep... so... good night all!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

12 days until my 30th Birthday

And number of the day is 12
1. 12 eggs in a carton
2. 12 cans of Diet RC in a 12 pack
3. 12 colors in each Stampin’ Up! Family
4. we make 12 cards at card class every month
5. 12 months in a year
6. everyone has a birthday every 12 months
7. page 12 is the first page of the center spread of Celebrate Cooking
8. we have 12 feet of table space in the stamp room right now (also known as 2 6-foot tables)
9. 12 inches in a foot and feet are important because they help you walk
10. 12 dozen is a gross
11. you turn 12 before you turn 13
12. my first television only had 12 channels

note: I am curently at a scrapbook retreat with no internet access so I am hoping that this whole scheduled post thing works. :)

at Scrapbook Retreat!!!

I am sooo excited that Crossroads Retreat Center has wireless internet!!! I just wanted to report that I have put pictures on THREE scrapbook layouts. April is going to be so proud of me. I will post pictures later! :) Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

13 days until my 30th Birthday

Wade & I were married on October 13. Soooo...
here are 13 pictures from our wedding:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

14 days until my 30th Birthday

I have 14 cousins! (in no particular order)

1 & 2. Johnny & his wife, Samantha (not in photo) 3 & 4. Carter & his wife, Cheryl (not in photo) 5. Ryan (tall guy in tux vest - has on glasses) 6 & 7. Kyle & his wife, Barbara (photo is at their wedding but they aren't in the photo) 8 & 9. Charles & his wife, Ruth (couple kneeling in the front on the right) 10 & 11. Stephanie & her husband, Marshall (lady in the pink dress and man with tux vest on standing behind her) 12. Margaret Pat (lady in the blue dress on the far right) 13 & 14. Zach & his wife (couple with little girl on the far left.)

also in this picture: ME (sqauting in the center), Debbie (blonde in the middle in blue dress) & Mom (brunette with glasses in blue dress in the center)
I am now going to try to explain how we are all related. My great-grandmother is Granny. Granny married Boss. Granny & Boss had Nani, Aunt Annette & Uncle Bob. Nani had Mom, Aunt Becky & Uncle Johnny. Aunt Annette had Stephanie (10), Margaret Pat (12) and Charles (8). Stephanie married Marshall (11) and have Kyle (6) and Ryan (5). Kyle married Barbara (7). Margaret Pat has Zach (13). Zach married his wife (14) and they have a beautiful daughter. Charles married Ruth (9). Mom had me, Charley & Debbie. Uncle Johnny had Johnny (1) & Carter (3). Johnny married Samantha (2) and have Avery, Aiden & Little Little Johnny. Carter married Cheryl (4) and have Taylor and Little Carter. I THINK I have this right but I am going to check with mom just to make sure. This is kind of a like a miniature family tree. I am going to explain brothers & sisters on day 8. So you have that to look forward to. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

15 days until my 30th Birthday

I have lived under 15 roofs
1. Austin Street, Marshall, Texas
2. apartment behind where Hobby Lobby is now, Tyler, Texas
3. yellow house, Tyler, Texas
4. apartment complex where Barnes & Noble is now, Tyler, Texas (this is where the microwave fell on my head when I tried to climb on the oranges to get to the candy. Candy will be the death of me one day - just not that day. BUT it did mess up my pituitary gland that makes my growth hormone by all messed up.)
5. Norma’s house
6. green & white trailer house on 4th Street, Chandler, Texas
* where mom chased the possums with the butcher knife
* Daddy bought BB (Birthday Boy) for $10 in dimes on for his birthday
* BB thought the green carpet in my bedroom was grass
* Met Amber
* Amber became Duck
* Rode my bike through the sticker burrs and I got in SOOO much trouble because they would make my tires go flat and Daddy would have to fix them.
* Learned about the Christmas notebook and the importance of NOT looking at it (if you do look at it, you will get spanked with a flip-flop and Mom takes all of your presents back - Note to any grandchildren of Mimi that might be reading this: IF YOU FIND THE NOTEBOOK - run away very fast and don't look at it because I think she may still have that flip-flop)
* The tree (Duck and I used to play in this tree and we always thought we were hiding but come to find out, BB always sat outside of the tree so Mom always knew we were there)
* Amber & I would walk the wall
* BB tried to go to school (Dogs weren’t allowed so he would sit by my bike all day - he did come in one day when a kid was being mean to me. I got called the to the Principal's office and mom got called and had to leave work. After that, he would sit my bike on the bike rack.)
7. double wide that burned in Wild Wood, Chandler, Texas
* blue corn with Duck
8. Earl’s Farm
* Steve kept all the pictures I ever colored for him and gave them back to me on my 16th birthday.
9. double wide in Wild Wood, Chandler, Texas (different from #7)
* BB got shot
* Had to build a ramp because he had a wing but he never pooped in our yard
* BB would walk me to the bus stop every day, go home and rest in his yard and then be back at the bus stop when I got off
* Ants in the bed (Mom got free chips from work and I snuck them to my room, ate them in bed and then stuffed the packages behind the headboard. Nobody knew any better until I woke up with ant bites and ants in my bed.)
10. duplex where BB ran away but came back the last day of the move, Tyler, Texas
* I played in the woods where the rainbow tree is
11. Mr. Sam’s little house on Hwy 64, Tyler (Chapel Hill), Texas
* Orange potatoes
12. Pinehurst, Tyler (Chapel Hill), Texas
* Blower woman
13. house with the bad drive-way, Tyler (Chapel Hill), Texas
* this house had a really big field in front of it with really tall grass and I walked through it once and got really bad chiggers
* lights & electricity
14. 1611 West Neal #110, Commerce, Texas
* my apartment during college - I LOVED this apartment, but I came home every weekend. George built tons of shelves for me. We put up magnetic walls and I had TONS of magnets. There was a subway poster of Eminem behind my entertainment center. I was in my bedroom of this apartment when I found out about 9/11. My roommate, Michelle and I were worried about gas so we each bought a gas can full of gas. They later got stolen off of our porch. During my last semester, there was a shooting two doors down. For awhile I was the only apartment with hot water. There was one point when I didn't have hot water for almost a month. It SUCKED! I would go to Michelle & Clayton's to shower.
15. 10254 CR 2254, Tyler, Texas
* Home! - I have so many memories in this house. I don't think I could even begin to do it justice. This is my home. Where I am loved unconditionally and I can be who I truly am. I have always said that home is where your mom is and that is so totally true. I know one day soon I won't live in this house anymore and that is ok. I will go make another home with my husband. I guess I will have to change my thinking to home is where your husband is or maybe - home is where your stamp room is... LOL!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

16 days until my 30th Birthday

16 pictures from James' 1st Grade Program

James & Will going to get the American Flag.
He was so proud that he got to help carry the flag. Look at that grin!!! :)

Highlights from the program. James was V is for Veterans.

Charley being a goofy big brother and goosing me. He wasn't expecting me to tickle him back.

Charley was still in the tickle mood - he was tickling Ashley in this picture.

Ashley "dancing" with Aunt Sam

How cute is he? Mom wanted him to stand on the bench by the flag but they aren't allowed to stand on it during school so he wouldn't stand on it. Gotta love that! Mimi & James
Aunt Sam & James
Ashley & MoMo
Aunt Sam & Ashley (I took this picture)
Papaw & James playing chess.

Monday, February 9, 2009

17 days until my 30th Birthday

I have had 17 jobs in my life
1. cashier at K-Mart - I loved this job. Not because of the job itself but because I got to work with friends: Shelli, Bobby, Charlie & Billy. I had a huge crush on Billy and he was friends with Bobby & Charlie. The VERY first time I got drunk that my parents didn't know about was at Bobby & Charlie's house. Oh... are there tons of memories from that night. Shelli driving Billy's truck. Billy's truck hitting Bobby & Charlie's mom's truck. My car getting hit in the street and noone telling me - George was CONVINCED I hit a pole at the gas station. Us driving home and my car dying everytime I got over 35... man... those were some crazy times... we thought we were sooooo cool!
2. cashier at Suncoast - my all time favorite job in high school. I was employee of the month tons of times. I could sale 12 packs of blank video tapes like nobody's business. I made some good friends - Shane, Amy & Mimi. We would watch movies and quote all the lines. Shane LOVED to play 6 Degress of Kevin Bacon. I got pretty good at it, there for a while. That is also where I met Matt K. He loved Star Wars and I didn't. He wanted me to watch those movies sooo bad but I wouldn't. I don't really know why I wouldn't but I refused. We dated for awhile. He took me to winter formal. I wore this beautiful off the shoulder dress, Aunt Becky's mink and carried Aunt Becky's Bob Mackie handbag. I looked amazing. Suncoast closed the week of Spring Break my Senior Year. :(
3. shirt folder at Lane Bryant - lasted about two weeks. I hated this job. There is nothing worse that not being able to fold shirts to their standards. FYI - I SUCK at folding shirts!
4. Birthday Party Coordinator at Discovery Science Place - this job was sort of happen stance. I had to do community service from Teen Court when i got a ticket for speeding in a school zone. I was so good at dusting the cave they thought I would make a good Birthday Party Coordinator and I did. I liked it but some of the kids were really bratty.
5. receptionist at SuperCuts - got this job the week after I graduated from high school. I had to go there because I had gotten a really bad hair cut the week before. They fixed it for me. As I was chatting with the stylist she mentioned that there was an opening for a receptionist and I had style. I think she said that because I was wearing really cute sling back tennis shoes what were red, white and black patent leather. That's what they called style back then. I quit this job because they made fun of me because I didn't know how to use a mop & bucket to mop up some annoying little kid's gross and yucky vomit. I didn't have style that day.
6. cashier at JJs - the only job I have been fired from - enough said
7. cashier at Drug Emporium - I became an expert with a pricing gun. I never knew one store had so many packs of gum.
8. student assistant at TJC - I quit Drug Emporium the day I got this job. I was soooo excited. I couldn't believe that I WAS GOING TO GET TO DO GRAPHICS FOR MONEY!!! I had so much fun at this job. I had a great boss and awesome co-workers. I got promoted to assistant graphics specialist (see #9)
9. assistant graphics specialist at TJC - had all the benefits of #8 but I also got to park in Faculty/Staff Parking and that was AMAZING!!!
10. student assistant at A&M-Commerce - transfered from TJC to A&M-Commerce. It was a cool job and I LOVED getting to go do press checks. I knew everyone in the printshop and I even got to do some of my own jobs on the press.
11. photo lab technician at Target - worked here at the same time I was working at TJC and then A&M. I really enjoyed this and I was good at it. I gave really good customer service and I was able to use my photography background to help others. Not to mention I made some AWESOME friends and went to AWESOME parties and I will NEVER forget the Target bunch and all of the fun we had!!!!
12. pre-press intern at Story-Wright - also did this while I was at A&M and Target. It lasted three weeks. I worked with John (for a long time I thought I was going to marry him - he just never knew it). John's Mom & my Mom are best friends so I have know John for like EVER. I wonder if he ever knew I had a crush on him.
13. School Photographer for LifeTouch - the job from HELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! It was my first job out of college. I was ok at it but the equipment was soooo heavy. I threw out my back and it was awful. I still to this day have back problems because of that job.
14. receptionist at Chandler Family Chiropractic - After I graduated from college it took awhile for me to find another job after LifeTouch. My brother opened his own chiropractic office so he asked me to be his receptionist. It was fun. I met really nice people and I got to see my brother every day. I wasn't there very long when I interviewed with Brookshire's.
15. production artist at Brookshire Grocery Company - My first real job! I loved this job and was so excited to get up every day and go. I got bored with the work I was doing and had trouble there for awhile. One day something clicked and I decided that I was going to be happy with what I was doing. So I became the best production artist I could be and starting enjoying my job again. My hard work and dedication was noticed and I got promoted to Ad Layout Coordinator. (see #17)
16. Scrapbook Specialist at Scrapbook N Such - part time. wasn't really what I thought it would be. But out of the deal I got two AMAZING friends - Brandy & Mary!!!
17. Ad Layout Coordinator at Brookshire Grocery Company - my current job. Sometimes I get annoyed and sometimes I wonder IF... but at the end of the day I truly LOVE what I do and I am happy that I get to go to work and get paid for doing what I love to do and I get to make the world a prettier place! I still dream of something more. One day I hope to become a Design Artist. That day is in my future. I just have to be patient, do my best and keep dreaming MY dreams!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

18 days until my 30th Birthday

18 THINGS I love!
1. My Coach purse
2. Blackjack II (my cell phone)
3. iPod Nano (2nd Generation - the one that has my videos)
4. iPod Nano (1st Generation - the one that has my music)
5. Sizzix Big Shot
6. 2004 Toyota Matrix (my car)
7. Wii
8. Nintendo DS
9. scrunchies
10. My laptop
11. my SU! tool bag from convention
12. my digital camera
13. my SU! camera bag from convention
14. my SU! paper swatches from Leadership
15. my wedding ring
16. my bangle bracelets
17. the ring on a chain that Wade gave me on our wedding day
18. comfy socks

Saturday, February 7, 2009

19 days until my 30th Birthday

19 things I want out of the new Stampin' Up! catalog (in order of the catalog)
1. Totally Tool
2. Fashion Forward
3. That's Funny (ask mom about taking pictures of Pumpkin Carving)
4. Family Accessories Too
5. Playful Petals (I SOOO want to watercolor this)
6. Four Square
7. Hope Happens
8. Varsity Alphabet
9. Varsity Numbers
10. Taste of Textiles
11. Rockabill Specialty DSP
12. Sweet Slumber Specialty DSP
13. Good Morning Sunshine DSP
14. Bright Delights Rub-ons
15. Fleurettes
16. On Board So Tweet
17. Glass Mat
18. Stampin' Up! Movers & Shakers Curly Label Die
19. Stampin' Up! Billboard Die

Friday, February 6, 2009

20 days until my 30th Birthday

20 random thoughts
1. I hate when people pop their gum.
2. I love Reese's peanut butter cups.
3. When soda or tea is cold, I would prefer that it didn't have ice.
4. I believe the only appropriate cardstock for scrapbooking is sold by Stampin' Up!.
5. I think manners will get you far in life.
6. Sometimes a new box of Crayola Crayons and a coloring book can make everything better.
7. A hug "just my size" is the cure for anything.
8. Honesty IS the best policy.
9. "what if the hokey pokey really is what its all about"
10. Life is all about the accesories. When all else fails... ACCESORIZE!
11. I am a graphic designer but I can't draw.
12. Although my dream job is at Crayola, I don't think I would actually do it because I would have to live WAY too far away from my family.
13. I aspire to be as creative and artistic as April and as good a friend as Becca.
14. I am not sure if I want to have kids.
15. I love digital cameras but nothing beats the feeling of printing your own pictures in a darkroom.
16. I feel really sorry for those who's only friend is Tom.
17. My greatest fear is being alone.
18.I love to scrapbook but I rarely put pictures on my pages.
19. There is one person in the whole world I would give almost anything to meet - my Nani.
20. One of my greatest joys in life was when James picked arts & crafts with me over Chuck E. Cheese.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

21 days until my 30th Birthday

21 places I like to eat (in no particular order)
1. Magic Time Machine
2. Jersey Mikes (Club Sub - Mike's Way with no onions)
3. Jason's Deli (salad bar so I can share hummus dip with mom and get pickled okra for Wade)
4. Chili's (Big Mouth Bites)
5. Mercado's (chimichanga ala carte)
5. El Charo's (chalupas - 2 gacamole & 1 beef) OR (#1 with dry tamales)
6. Casa Ole (beef fajita quesadilla with extra rice and no beans) (Amber & I used to go there ALL the time. It is funny because her least favorite food in the whole world is Casa's green sauce and it is one of my favorites!)
7. Daddy's House (he is the only person I know that can make SOS)
8. Chick-fil-a
9. Outback (Victoria's Filet - medium well)
10. Heartland Ham (brownie & Diet Coke)
11. Bruno's (Robin Hood Salad)
12. Dairy Queen (Happy Hour - Diet Coke with Cherry)
13. Olive Garden
14. Johnny Carino's (Garlic Jalapeno Talipia - no jalapenos)
15. Becca's House (Stephen makes really yummy Ritz Chicken)
16. Fuddruckers
17. Mom's House (Mom makes the best spaghetti & red steak on the face of the planet)(Wade makes the best pizza I have ever had)(George is the only person I know that can make foil dinners)
18. Campezzies (I have no idea if I spelled that right but they have AWESOME Sleazy Belini's
19. Potlucks @ work (GGs Macaroni & Cheese and other yummyness)
20. Subway
21. MixDonalds (actual Mc Donalds - I love to eat here because if I am eating here I am with the kids.)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

22 days until my 30th Birthday

My To Do/See List for the next 30 years (in no particular order)
1. New York City, New York to meet Candy (Mama C) and see Statue of Liberty, Times Square and Central Park
2. visit all 50 states
3. Paris, France to see the Eiffel Tower & the Mona Lisa
4. Grand Canyon
5. The Strip - Las Vegas, Nevada
6. Tree of Life – Disney World
7. Hot Springs, Arkansas
8. Stampin’ Up! National Convention
9. Crayola Factory – Pennsylvania
10. Becky, Davy, Ashley, James, Hallie and Baby Joe graduate from High School & college
11. Mom celebrate her 95th Birthday
12. Golden Gate Bridge – San Fransico
13. Kansas City, Missouri to eat at the Crayola restuarant
14. Disney Cruise
15. Hawaii
16. attend a taping of a national talk show or game show
17. win a stamping contest
18. be published in a stamping/scrapbooking magazine
19. own a copy of Becky’s first published work of art
20. meet Baby Carter
21. write a book
22. help Amber moved back to Texas (preferably East Texas)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

update on the "go to sleep" movie

I HAVE THE REMOTE!!! and the opening credits to National Treasure are just a button away!!!

Good night all!!!

If you don't know what a "go to sleep" movie is - ask... :)

23 days until my 30th Birthday

23 things I can see from where I am sitting
note: I am sitting on my side of the bed leaning against the wall
1. alarm clock that says "10:00" (set 15 minutes fast to confuse me in the morning)
2. Wade (who is telling Absolut that he is taking over his half of the bed)
3. Absolut
4. TJ (a Cabbage Patch Kid that I have had for as long as I can remember)
5. Tinker Bell Calender
6. Pokemon Christmas ornament
7. My college diploma
8. ceiling fan (that Wade just turned on - I will probably be frozen in the morning)
9. Wade's computer
10. Hermit crabs (5 of them: Mini Me, CC, Hercule, Big Bird & Cookie Monster)
11. "and they lived happily ever after" wall hanging
12. shot glass rack
13. Heartland Ham cup (half full of Diet Coke left from card class)
14. Super (the very first thing Wade ever gave me)
15. a tiny flashlight
16. "So Many Choices" Snowbabies that Debbie gave me
17. crystal Cinderella shoe that Aunt Becky gave me
18. Cinderella postcard from Paris that Mom gave me
19. little Cinderella snow globe that Velta & the kids gave me
20. a really big red brandy glass full of bottle caps
21. Cinderella cookie jar
22. 3 bottle of Absolut vodka
23. Teen Titan on the TV (YUCK! - I will soon be asking if we can put on a "go to sleep" movie. I know The Treasure is in the DVD player. What do you think it will take to get Wade to push play? hmmm... "honey... please?"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Note to self

when someone asks you to walk at break, listen to the lazy part of your brain say no because the sensible part of your brain thinks it is ok to walk a lap around the conrete track in dress shoes... which in turn... causes blisters the size of nickels on my feet... what was I thinking... oh well. I am now stuck in the bed - missing hip hop and feeling sorry for myself. I am sure tomorrow will be a better day.

24 days until my 30th Birthday

24 of my favorite tv shows (in no particular order)
1. Numbers
2. Survivor
3. Big Brother
4. Deserving Design
5. CSI
6. John & Kate + 8
7. Little People Big World
8. The Patty Duke Show
9. The Big Easy
10. True Blood
11. Law & Order
12. Project Runway
13. Trading Spaces (the old ones)
14. Law & Order: SVU
15. Law & Order: CI
16. Deal Or No Deal
17. Days of Our Lives
18. Full House
19. Hannah Montana
20. Top Chef
21. 90210 (the original one - 1st couple of seasons)
22. NCIS
23. Criminal Minds
24. The Dresden Files

Sunday, February 1, 2009

25 days until my 30th Birthday

25 Stampin' Up Colors off the top of my head
1. Real Red
2. Chocolate Chip
3. Basic Black
4. Whisper White
5. Old Olive
6. Pacific Point (this color makes me think of April because she loves it so much)
7. Kiwi Kiss
8. Wild Wasabi
9. So Saffron
10. Barely Banana (this is what color my stamp room is painted)
11. Riding Hood Red
12. Green Galore
13. Pixie Pink
14. Brillant Blue
15. YoYo Yellow
16. Only Orange
17. Really Rust (this color makes me think of Becca)
18. Creamy Caramel
19. Not Quite Navy
20. Gable Green
21. Blush Blossom
22. More Mustard
23. Night of Navy
24. Lovely Lilac
25. Very Vanilla