Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 day until my 30th Birthday

I have had ONE life-long best friend - Duck
Amber & I met the summer before first grade. Her mom brought us a pie to welcome us to the neighborhood when we moved into the green & white trailer house on 4th street in Chandler. I was riding my bike a few days later and she was riding her bike too. We have been best friends ever since. I moved from Chandler during 3rd grade but we remained friends. We never had a class together or went to the same school after 3rd grade. We both had other friends but she has always been my very best friend. She was nick-named Amber Duck by my Daddy. He said she looked like a duck when she was riding her bike. I usually call her Duck. When we were younger we would ride our bikes, play in our tree, play monopoly, have sleep overs, walk the wall and watch movies. I have so many wonderful memories of Duck. Whenever I think of her I smile. She left for Jackson Hole, Wyoming on May 5 for a 6 month summer job at a dude ranch. During those first 6 months she met Gerardo and fell in love. She and Gerardo are now married, have a beautiful son and live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I miss her everyday but I know she is so very happy there. She came to Texas to celebrate our 30th birthdays. Her birthday is the 27th. We have celebrated so many birthdays together. It is awesome that we get to celebrate #30 together even though she lives so far away. Here are some fun pictures: