Thursday, March 12, 2009

iPod Touch

For my 30th birthday Wade got me an iPod Touch! I picked it up from FedEx the Monday before my birthday and I have loved it ever since! that was until... today... when it came up with an error message saying to connect it to iTunes. I couldn't listen to music ALL day! it was so frustrating and the guy next to me was on the phone all day whining about something! I came home and plugged it into iTunes and lost EVERYTHING I HAD PURCHASED in the last couple of weeks. I was devestated. I am currently on the phone with Apple Support and they have been AWESOME! I got all my music back and they are helping me fix another problem now. The guy that is helping me is so super sweet. He keeps thanking me for being so patient. I don't think he realizes how thankful I am that he is helping me.

I am still on the phone! but he is nice. I think he thinks I am NUTS!!! he laughs at my jokes but I am guessing he is just doing that to be nice! Hopefully my iPod will be back to normall VERY soon!!! :)